About Us

Your own marketing team.

We understand being a small business does not have extravagant budgets, therefore, our team has been able to help others where it’s most effective at lower costs.

Why us?


The internet changes everyday and oftentimes it’s hard to keep up with. This is why we’re dedicated to learning about online marketing, while you can expand your business.


We’re simply nice people. SEO companies can have a bad wrap, but we’re focused on customer service and getting things done right. Keeping a smile on your face is the goal.


While B Visible started in late 2018, our team members have been creating digital buzz for over 10 years. We’ve weathered many storms!


Our office likes to keep things fun and energetic. Same with our projects. Why does marketing have to be boring?


James Norton
Managing Partner
James' commitment to business and innovation turned a small office into an awarded agency. With ground-breaking campaigns like ‘Next Max Charger’, the agency became known nationally. Norton continues to lead a great team without looking back.
Leigh Rusakow
Creative Director
Leigh joined B Visible in its infancy, always showing dedication and commitment to making all things beautiful. Not only is her keen eye known for details but her drive to make functionality is top-notch.
Pete Keey
Earlier in his career, Pete held several strategy leadership roles at distinctive creative agencies in Boston. He was also a Sales Director at Sequoia Media and the Founder and Director of LRK, a creative agency, for 4 years.
Linda Samer
Chief Client Officer
Before B Visible Linda was known for her integrative skills to bridge gaps between product and client. She has built global relationships with our top international clients. She's proven to be any crowd's pick.