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Everything you need to know about Google My Business also known as GMB, Google Maps, Google Listings - everything that is all important to small business owners.
Google My Business Blog Post

Small Business Owners hoping to bring in clients used to depend on nearby verbal exchange and customary showcasing methodologies. While conspicuous retail facades and old-school mailers might have once allured clients to buy items and administrations, present day clients have now moved their consideration regarding your business’ computerized presence and online standing.

At the point when your clients need to discover nearby businesses, they go to web search tools first—and almost 90% of all internet traffic goes through Google. Google’s “robots” are scouring the web searching for the most pertinent businesses to show at the highest point of their pages. Since the initial three postings of a Google search get 60% of the views, acquiring a best position on the main page of Google’s list items nearly ensures a multitude of new customers. Being found on Google is fundamental in marketing in 2021 – it’s more important than ever to be found online.

What is Google My Business?

Google provides a space for small business owners to provide their information to customers. Once your listing is completed, your business will be exposed to the millions of users that are searching on Google Search Engines, Maps and so much more. It’s free and strongly encouraged for all businesses to take advantage of.

What if I don’t have a storefront?

You can have a profile if your business doesn’t have an actual address or storefront. As long as you’re making contact with your customer, you’ll be able to create a profile. Learn more about Google My Business.

The Benefits of Google My Business

Small business owners frequently feel like bigger organizations have an advantage with regards to limited time openings, the inverse is true for GMB. Google My Business focuses on local/small businesses and positions them over big-name brands. Keeping this in mind, small business owners should take this to their advantage and maximize SEO, provide better customer experience and improve sales.

GMB of Pholosophy Restaurant in Philadelphia

SEO Factors

How can you rank your profile higher than others? It’s all relative to what the customer is searching, where and seniority of your profile.

Relevance and Clarity

Google aims to deliver accurate results to its users (your customers). If your business offers birthday cakes, the search term “bakery” is much more relevant than “super market” or “rolling pin.” The idea is to be as concise and clear as possible.


The most important factor is the searcher’s location. This is true with any maps or local SEO strategy. Again, Google aims to deliver the best results to its users – not to confuse them. When a customer searches for “bakery near me” Google will send business listings that are closest (and most relevant) to them. You will have a better chance in ranking within your area rather than a state away.

Seniority and Importance

Search engine robots scan the internet every day for new data. Their algorithm has a great way to deciphering your business interest level. Google will take a look at your listing and see how much activity, posts, updated info and reviews you may have. They will also factor in how much interaction its users have with your profile. This is why it’s best to continuously update your listing, provide answers to customers and be clear in what you offer.

Ready to Claim Your Free Listing?

Customizing and verifying your Google My Business Profile can be done by anyone with a little bit of internet knowledge, but often times business owners are inundated with other tasks. Here’s a quick guide on how to claim your Google Business Listing. Do it now, it’s free!

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Everything you need to know about Google My Business also known as GMB, Google Maps, Google Listings – everything that is all important to small business owners.

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